SOLGEN organized a personality development project under the theme “Good Speaking and Good Personality for Success”

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, from 13.00 to 18.00, the School of Languages and General Education organized a personality development project on the topic “Good speaking and Good Personality for Success” at the Architecture and Design Building in the Srithammarat conference room to provide knowledge about Personality development for both internal and external students and to prepare students for work. The personality that has been developed and improved, both internally and externally, can create a good impression on those who see it and can also coexist with others in society.

Within the event, students were able to transfer knowledge from speakers including Seksan Akson (Medical Technologists), 1st runner-up, Miss Perfect Thailand 2022, and Mr. Akkarapatphat Siriradanan, an outstanding alumnus of Walailak University for the year 2021. Students gain knowledge from the speakers’ direct experience, ask questions, express their opinions, and practice good personalities. This activity has 150 students participating in various faculties. It was found that 90% of students in the project were satisfied at the “very good” level.