SOLGEN 5S: 2nd self-audit

On May 18, 2022, the School of Languages and General Education hosted Walailak University 5S committee on the subject of the first round of 5S audit 2022.
The primary goal of this audit was to ensure that all Walailak University faculty members adhere to and implement the WU 5S criteria and also to determine the evaluation score for the faculty.
On this particular occasion, and on behalf of the Dean the chair of 5S WG delivered the opening speech. In his speech, he mentioned to the committee that the Dean has established a 5S working group at SOLGEN, whereby the WG meets every month to carry out inspections and conduct self-audits every three months merely to improve the working environment for all faculty members while adhering to Walailak University’s policy.
In addition, the chair of the 5S WG highlighted on what the WG has been doing to maintain the 5S standard at SOLGEN, which was followed by a one-hour the state of 5S at SOLGEN presentation led by administrative and academic officers.
In conclusion, the University committee informed the faculty to wait for its score in the few weeks’ time.
The chair of the 5S WG delivered the closing remarks and thanked the committee for their valuable time spent conducting the 1st audit for fiscal year 2022.