SOLGEN organized a camp for natural resource and environmental conservation for term 1/2023

General Education, School of Languages and General Education, subject GED65-147, organized a camp for the conservation of natural resources and the environment. By bringing 58 students to participate in a camping project for the conservation of natural resources and the environment. which is part of the course evaluation measurement The activity was organized at the community forest “Ao Ai Yo”, Namtok Subdistrict, Thung Song District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province on 19-20 August 2023, with the location courtesy of the Nam Tok Subdistrict Administrative Organization and a group of lecturers conducting various activities in the camp from the Border Patrol Police Division 42, Thung Song District. The students did activities at Important is to join with the community to help repair the irrigation weir with the community forest committee and to study nature trails by hiking. Study the ecosystem and various medicinal plants in the rainforest of “Ao Ai Yo” forest, which still maintains the richness of the forest very well.

The activity focuses on allowing students to learn to live and live outdoors together as a group to practice patience and hardship amidst the global warming crisis from the environment being destroyed. Allowing students to live their lives and see the value. Recognizing the conservation of natural resources is a way to instill awareness in students to preserve and love natural resources sustainably in the future.