GEN ED Languages Department: What will we learn❓
There is an answer by Acting Head ofLanguages Department, Aj. Junifer Leal Bucol
Let’s get to know the English Communication Skills with Aj. Benjamin Panmei

This course aims at developing students’ all English skills: listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary, and apply them at the university level.


Let’s get to know the English Listening and Speaking with Aj. Jesthony Salgado Achivar

This course focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills at everyday use and at formal level through dialogues, passages, group discussions, oral presentations and reports.

Let’s get to know the English Reading and Writing with Aj.Thinley Wangdi

This course develops students’ reading and writing skills at university level through a wide range of exercises and activities.

Let’s get to know the English Conversation Skills with Aj.Junifer Leal Bucol

This course builds students’ competencies in English conversation and
pronunciation skills in both academic and professional environments. This
course focuses primarily on speaking skills in which listening, reading, and writing serve as the sub-skills.

Let’s get to know the English for Academic Communication with Aj.Nur Lailatur Rofiah

This course aims to develop students’ English language knowledge and skills for effective academic and professional communication in the field of Health Sciences, or Sciences and Technology, or Humanities and Social Sciences. It provides students with various strategies and skills that are relevant to real-world communication. Thus, not only do students learn to summarize, critique, and write an article, but they also learn how to communicate purposely in various academic and professional settings.

Let’s get to know the English for Presentation with Aj.Uswatun Khasanah

This course aims at developing the four essential English skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing while focusing on essential expressions, structures and English vocabulary specific to the scientific presentation. It also equips students with the necessary skills for effective presentation.