SOLGEN lecturers organized a meeting and conveyed information on increasing the potential of nutmeg utilization in conjunction with nutmeg genetic conservation.

Assistant Professor Doctor Laksanara Khwanchum and Assistant Professor Doctor Chawinpat Srisongkram Pimjan, lecturers of the School of Languages and General Education organized a meeting and conveyed information about increasing the potential of nutmeg’s use and conserving its genetics. On August 9, 2023, at the meeting room of Ron Phibun Municipality, Ron Phibun District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, with a speaker who is an expert on nutmeg medicinal recipes, namely Pharmacist Panaran Phonpakdee, there were 40 people interested in attending the event. The speaker described the properties and benefits of nutmeg in 100 traditional medicine recipes. There would be nutmeg in up to 70 recipes, such as a medicine for digestive problems, pain reliever, blood tonic for women, aromatic medicine, medicine for treating cancer, etc. They were organizing a meeting to share knowledge about nutmeg’s benefits and medicinal properties, making villagers aware of conservation and campaigning to plant more nutmeg trees, which will benefit the ecosystem. Having sustainable forest resources and replacing those that have been destroyed has an overall long-term and sustainable impact on the environment and our planet.

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