SOLGEN organized a workshop on professional resume writing techniques

16 August 2023 the School of Language and General Education (SOLGEN) collaborated with SOLGEN Student Club, they conducted a hands-on professional resume writing workshop to enhance students’ skills in creating accurate and suitable resumes, preparing them for future job applications
In this training, students will learn the importance, formats, and components of a resume, as well as critical details to be mindful of, such as using imagery, language, and paper layout. They will also learn how to select content that highlights their strengths and aligns with the desired job position to create a strong resume. Additionally, they will practice writing their own resumes. At the end of the training, students will have drafted a personalized resume to further develop for future job applications.
During the event, there will be a resume writing competition, and the award recipients are listed as follows:”
1. Miss Atithaya Songwonsap, School of Management
2. Miss Nantatchaporn Saengsuwan, School of Management
3. Miss Wirunyakarn Sawasdikwongsakul, School of Engineering
4. Miss Parichat Chumsang, Faculty of Political Science
5. Miss Ariya Atamart, Faculty of Political Science
6. Miss Hasavani Bulad, School of Engineering and Technology
10. Miss Husna Phollha, School of Engineering and Technology
11. Miss Chanchanok Sokaeo, School of informatics