Cultural heritage to design and develop batik products under the cultural festival project of civilization city: The city of Ligor

On November 22-25, 2022, Walailak University, led by Assistant Professor Suvita Kaewareelap from the School of Languages and General Education, together with the Culture Department of Nakhon Si Thammarat, organized activities to transfer knowledge of cultural heritage for the year 2022 under the Cultural Festival of the Flourishing Civilization City of Ligor project. The batik course is an activity that shares knowledge of batik creations. The target group is the people in Nakhon Si Thammarat province who do not have or have a career and want to develop their career, and a group of 30 interested students. The activity was arranged at the Saopao sub-district, Sichon district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province to create knowledge for the community and further your career in batik making in the future.

1st knowledge transfer regarding batik creation in 2022 focuses on providing knowledge, development, and promoting career skills. Teaching and learning are integrated for students from the beginning of the process by starting to teach from the design, production, and marketing process. This work was done in cooperation with non-formal teachers and batik entrepreneurs, the Lai Sen group, who ultimately have in-depth knowledge to transfer knowledge.

In addition, the project has prepared raw materials and equipment for use in actual practice, including food and snacks for all students. Students will be able to learn theoretical and practical lessons that align with the 4th and 17th goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are Quality Education and Partnerships for the Goals.

In this regard, Assistant Professor Suvita Kaewareelap, as the speaker, presented content within 5 days, as follows;
Day 1: Provide knowledge regarding the design and development of Batik. The activity creates inspiration for products, practicing, and researching. Design Clinic is built for talking to exchange ideas and provide advice on batik design and demonstration.
Day 2: Creating a pattern, writing a pattern on paper, writing a pattern on fabric (designing patterns from a culture), hands-on training (candle making and painting, batik painting)
Day 3 Practice (candle painting and painting, batik painting) (take additional fabric to sew at home).
Day 4: Training to provide knowledge on product presentation, photography, and product presentation.
Day 5: Giving knowledge on product presentation and merchandising.
From the training content, participants will be able to apply their knowledge further and be able to pursue a career to create income for themselves in the future.