SOLGEN Walk Rally

Even though you are studying online, our hearts are still closed to each other. #SOLGEN

Another activity in the month of August, Student Support Working Group in General Education department of School of Languages and General Education organized “Around WU Fence Walk Rally with Stories Activity” on Saturday August 21, 2021

Since the epidemic situation of COVID-19 is still on going, the Provincial Communicable Diseases Committee issued the controlled policies for schools and educational places within Nakhon si Thammarat province. Therefore, Walailak University announced that every subject should be in the online form for the 1/2020 term.
New students of the academic year 2021 could not attend the physical classroom and spend their time in the university. They have the limitation in exploring the place and university surroundings.
The student support working group from the General Education Department want to encourage new students to know more about Walailak University so the student support working group organized an activity called “Around WU Fence Walk Rally with Stories” to let new students explore to various places in Walailak University so students can adjust and prepare for learning in normal condition later on.
The student support working group organized this activity using Zoom and Live through the Facebook Fanpage of School of Languages and General Education from 10 – 12.30 am. The live venue was in Phasaphasarn room, Academic Building 5, Walailak University. The student support working group limited attendees and implemented social distancing according to the policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The working group would like to thanks Ajarn Sutheera Thongkhao, the head of Student Support Working Group for giving the opening speech for Around WU Fence Walk Rally with Stories activity. Overall atmosphere of the activity was pleasant with story-telling, experience sharing of important things within the university. The team of lecturers and the student support working group team were the representatives to tell stories and express feeling about Walailak University, passing to new students who were studying online. There were also many beautiful pictures that students can see as well. The students were enjoyed with the activity. There were three games: 1) Story around the fence, guessing vocabulary from the letters 2) Big fans, guessing the place through the pictures, and 3) Restaurant review, guessing words from the gestures and pictures to receive many prizes. New students got to know Walailak University through story-telling of the place, atmosphere, and environment in order to prepare and adjust themselves when it is time to come to study in the university under normal condition.

#SOLGEN School of Languages and General Education and the Student Support Working Group will find good and interesting activities to support students again in the future. Please stay tuned and see you again in the next occasion.