Project on English language learning and fostering
an international learning atmosphere

The Languages Department organized English Activities to create an international atmosphere to promote and develop students’ skills according to 21st-century skills and to align with the expected learning outcomes of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) as follows:

PLO 1 is able to communicate effectively in both English and Thai languages in common situations.

PlO2 is able to select IT in various situations appropriately.

PLO3 is able to adapt in the global society based on an understanding of social development.

PLO4 is able to develop oneself in thinking processes.

Objectives of the activity are;

1. To promote students’ skills according to the expected learning outcomes.
2. To develop students’ English language skills to be ready to study regular courses in English as well as to graduate.
3. To promote English language learning skills and create an international learning atmosphere.
4. To encourage students to be familiar with and confident in using English in everyday life
5. To encourage students to have a positive attitude towards English.

There are video clips regarding sharing experiences of learning English with SOLGEN, role-playing in English, tour around Walailak University.