Message from the Dean of School of Languages and General Education

Management Report of the School for Fiscal Year 2021

Greetings to All Readers!

     In the past fiscal year of 2021 (1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021), it was one of the challenging years of the School of Languages and General Education since the epidemic situation of COVID-19 still on the go. However, the school had developed in many aspects compared to the last year as follows:

Organizational Development

  • Established 16 governance policies of the school and the 5-year strategic plan for 2021 – 2025 as a guideline for the school administration under the vision “Building foundation in languages and general knowledge, developing life skills, and fostering intellectual and morally upright graduates.”
  • Made changes in the organization in all dimensions. The school received the score of quality assurance assessment as 4.87 score which is increased from 3.90 of the last year and higher for 125%.
  • Developed the organizational governance system, risk management and internal control effectively and received the school achievement score of 36.49 out of 40 or 91.2% which is 105% higher than the last year which was just 32.80 score.
  • Increased the number of lecturers who have received the UKPSF Certification from 20 to 40, or 91% of the total 45 eligible lecturers.
  • Increased the number of academic ranks holders from 6 to 11 and there are 5 lecturers are in the process of consideration for the academic promotion.
  • Increased the number of Ph.D. holders from 13 to 18.
  • Created the monthly new letters of the school to communicate with the public.

Teaching and Learning Management

  • Reformed the General Education B.E. 2564 (2021) to develop students to be ready for the Next Normal world, added courses of Chinese language, Artificial Intelligence and businesses in the post-COVID era.
  • Improved the teaching quality both Onsite and Online: Every lecturer got the teaching performance results over 4.00 from 5.00 and 38% of lecturers got over 4.50 score.
  • Promoted ubiquitous learning of the students: Conducted 100% of GE courses on WU e-learning
  • Reduced ratio of the students who received “F” from studying GE course to 0.1%
  • Developed the English ability of the students which reduced the students who are in A1 of CEFR from 805 students to 235 students within 2 years. In the meantime, the school increased the students in A2 level from 627 to 1,021 students and B1 from 69 to 243 students.
  • Organized monthly activities to promote skill development and learning outside the classroom
  • Created modern medias to promote education management, such as course introduction videos, preparation before the exam videos, etc. to keep the service be up-to-date, quality, efficient and able to meet the needs of the students.


  • Increased research publications in SCOPUS from 27 to 48.
  • Promoted the quality of research work and increased the ration of the research publication in Q1 and Q2 from 62% to 85%.
  • Increased 1:1 research publication from 48.2% to 60% which is the highest number of Sciences schools and the third of every school in the university. The school is successful for 2 years continuously.
  • Expanded the international collaboration: 21% of the research articles in Q1 and Q2 are the research collaboration with international institutes.
  • Increased the external research grants from 1,540,695 THB to 8,596,952 THB or 558% higher.

Academic Services

  • Increased social impact academic services from 3 to 11 projects
  • Conducted English academic services which are WU testing center, English Camp, Proofreading Center, English Training, and TOEIC Training.
  • Increased the income from academic services from 139,800 THB to 249,750 THB or 179% higher.

Building collaboration with domestic and international organizations

  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Benjamarachutit School, Nakhon Si Thammarat for WUTEP and training English.
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Batangas State University, Philippines for academic collaboration.

     Various changes that happened a year ago represent the power and commitment of the school members that worked hard to drive the school moving forward and support Walailak University to be a leading university of Thailand and global.

Assistant Professor Dr. Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse Na Ayuthaya
Acting Dean of School of Languages and General Education
October 2021

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