Message from the Dean of School of Languages and General Education

On an occasion of Walailak University Academic Council granted the establishment of the school

Greetings to All Readers!

School of Languages and General Education: SOLGEN, Walailak University is an academic organization in the school level which was established according to the resolution of Walailak University Academic Council on November 9th, 2019 with the mission of organizing courses in General Education for university students.

The vision of the school is to be “a leading academic organization in General Education in Thailand”. The educational philosophy is to “Build foundation in languages and general knowledge, developing life skills, and fostering intellectual and morally upright graduates”. Our organizational culture is “Diversity is Power”. We aim to work as a team, create teamwork within school officers, and integrate the diversity between officers both in professional aspects and nationalities to strongly move an organization forward.

There are four missions of the school:

1. To arrange teaching in General Education courses for undergraduate students of all schools/colleges to support the identity of Walailak University that needs to promote morally upright and intellectual graduates
2. To study, research, and develop new body of knowledge of international quality in education and art and culture.

3. To provide academic services both for internal and external organizations to develop human resources in 21st century.
4. To restore and preserve arts and culture through the integration of related knowledge with teaching and learning in General Education courses.

In moving our organization forward to reach the goal, the school has developed an organization structure which consisted of:

  1. School Board Committee to set the policies for an organizational management and supervising all the units within the school
  2. Two main areas of study which are Languages and General Education, supervising academic aspects
  3. Research Center, supervising research aspects
  4. Dean’s Office, supervising general management within the school.

As a Dean, I would like to assure everyone that our school members will do our best to develop the students to have humanity, extensive knowledge, and understanding themselves and others.

I would like to thanks all of you for your interest and in following the information on this website. I gladly welcome to hear comments and feedbacks from all of you. It is extremely important for the improvement of our school in moving forward.

Assistant Professor Dr. Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse Na Ayuthaya
Acting Dean of School of Languages and General Education
November 2019

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse