On January 5, 2021, Walailak University, led by Assistant Professor Doctor Hareesol Khun-inkeeree and Ajarn Maneerat Kengkua, School of Languages and General Education, along with the working group of the Center of Academic Service orgainzed “Meeting to plan teaching and learning management according to the integrated curriculum of sufficiency economy philosophy” together with Mr. Faisal Yigob, Director of the New Community School, 15 teachers and the development partners, Betagro Group Activity staff at the meeting room of Building 1, New Community School, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

       The project has been conducted for the 2nd year in 2021, focusing on education management according to the sufficiency economy guidelines develop entrepreneurial career skills.

       In this regard, Assistant Professor Doctor Hareesol Khun-inkeeree, as the project leader, presented the project results in 2020 “Developing Learning Centers together with the Preparation of the Curriculum,” which was the starting point to get a prototype and trial course. The Sufficiency Economy Learning Center has also been renovated to have a learning base consistent with the curriculum’s teaching and learning. Discussed with the new community school, led by Mr. Faisal Yigob, the school’s director, teacher, Head of Academic Affairs, and teachers on implementing “Continue to Extend Project Results”. The important plans are

       1) Evaluate the curriculum and the implementation of the curriculum by bringing (draft) the curriculum to experts, improving (drafting) the curriculum according to recommendations. Implementation of the teaching plan for semester 2/2020 by adjusting the unit of study to be following the context and situation. and communication, public relations, curriculum development work (exhibition shows).

       2) Build a network to expand the community surrounding community schools by building a network and transferring knowledge of the curriculum to surrounding schools with trials using (drafts) courses in 3 schools, including expanding the results to the main student households in the community.

       3) Improve the curriculum and develop the teaching potential and announcement of the completed curriculum. We implemented according to the teaching plan for semester 1/2021. Improving the curriculum and developing the potential and increasing the capability of the curriculum leaders and guidelines for developing career advancement positions with curriculum development workload.