School of Languages and General Education collecting photos on SOLGEN DAY Online Live Event @WU: Performances of students in general education courses Semester 1/2564

Student Support Working Group, General Education Department, School of Languages and general Education organized SOLGEN DAY in 2021 on Saturday 14 August, 2021. The activity aimed to promote knowledge, ability and assertiveness of students and provide a space for students to have a platform to exchange learning through classroom activities for the past 10 weeks of teaching since the start of the 1st semester. There are the work of students of the Humanities and Social Sciences group, Science and Mathematics, Integration, Information, and health care group throughout the semester.

This opportunity was honored by Asst.Prof.Dr. Pongsathorn Dechatiwongse, Acting Dean School of Languages and General Education, presided over the opening remarks. 1St SOLGEN DAY in fiscal year 2021 arranged online under pandemic. Therefore, the working group has changed the format of the event to be a live broadcast via Facebook Fanpage of the School of Languages and General Education from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. by broadcasting the source from the Pasan Language Room, Academic Building 5. Walailak University

Participants are limited to a limited number of attendees and social distancing measures are required to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Throughout the work, the working team is aware of and strictly follows the prevention guidelines.

In this SOLGEN event, the main activity is a presentation of students’ work from studying general education courses. and the announcement of the award for the work that has been awarded in each course consists of subject as follow:

1.  Thai for Contemporary Communication (GEN61-113,GEN64-111/GEN64-111E) on “Creative colorful characters”

2. Technique Communication in Contemporary World (GEN64-112) on “Study Life Style Photography”

3. Thai Civilization and Global Citizen (GEN61-141/GEN64-131) on “World Citizen TikTok Challenge”

4. Philosophy, Ethics, and Critical Thinking (GEN61-142/GEN64-132) on “Philosophical photographs in everyday life”

5. Knowledge Inquiry and Research Methods (GEN61-151/GEN64-141) on “Research near you”

6. Environmental Conservation and Global Warming (GEN61-152/GEN64-142)    on “Adjust-improve-bang!!!”

7. Sports Recreation and Exercise for Health (GEN64-151) on “Food for Fitness”

and 8. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GEN61-161/GEN64-161) on “Startup Talk”

For SOGEN DAY activities, it also encourages students to participate (engagement) as well, with students from various schools participating in the activity. A total of 921 people registered and received over 4.6k views through the School of Languages and General Education Facebook Fanpage.

This event also has the fun atmosphere from additional activities both the opening music performance is Courtesy of Walailak University and TikTok For You show  by representatives of teachers from the field of general education, including the reward and the CF. 

Thank you for the feedback from all the students who joined together to create a fun and impressive atmosphere. Let’s take a closer look at the 2021 SOLGEN DAY activities on this occasion and see the fun #SOLGENDAY activities again next school year.