Summary of Research Publications in June 2021

School of Languages and General Education has research publications 1:1 and thesis that have been accepted to publish and publish in June which consists of 9 papers as follows: 

Q1: 4 papers
Q2: 2 papers
Q3: 1 paper
Q3: 2 papers

from 10 lecturers as follow:

1. Aj. Mark Treve
2.Aj. Hungpungwo Ringphaso Zimik
3.Dr. Sandeep Lloyd Kachchhap
4.Asst. Prof. Dr.  Budi Waluyo
5.Aj. Benjamin Panmei
6.Aj. Thinley Wangdi
7.Asst. Prof. Mark Bedoya Ulla
8.Aj. William Franco Perales
9.Dr. Marlon Domagco Sipe
10Asst. Prof. Vithaya Arporn

SOLGEN currently has 34 articles that have been accepted for publication and published in the SCOPUS.

#Q1  16 papers
#Q2 12 papers
#Q3 3 papers
#Q4 3 papers