School of Languages and General Education (SOLGEN) holds a meetings with students. and advisors to provide academic support on October 28, 2020 at Conference Room 1, School of Political Science and Law, Academic Building 5

Assistant Professor Dr. Pongsathorn Dechatiwong Na Ayudhya, Acting Dean of SOLGEN, said that due to Walailak University’s policy on student care to reduce the loss of studying, SOLGEN has a guideline for working with the student’s School in supervision  the learning of the students on the General education courses closely by SOLGEN, which providing a tutoring program all courses in English And non-English language courses In semester 1/2020 and the empirical outcome was 100% of the students who participated in the program are pass examinations in all course. SOLGEN will organize a continuous tutoring program to support students’ learning.

On behalf of SOLGEN, we would like to thank you students’ advisor. and the students who attended the meeting today. We reassure everyone that SOLGEN faculty and staff are fully committed to taking care of all students from all schools to be happy with studying.